Got $200? One of these NAS deals can still be yours

This year has been particularly fruitful for storage deals, and if you’re looking for Black Friday NAS deals, there are a few still active. In this post, I’m highlighting a few deals aimed at the budget segment.

You’ll get your hands on a decent 2-bay enclosure for under $200, with the likes of the TerraMaster F2-210 available for just $128, savings of $32. But it’s the F2-221 that is noteworthy at $199, because this enclosure usually retails for $260.

And if you want hard drives, WD’s excellent 4TB Red Plus is still on sale for $69, $51 off its retail price. And if you want more storage, Toshiba’s N300 is down to $160. Here’s a look at the NAS deals that you can get for under $200 right now.

TerraMaster F2-210 2-Bay NAS

TerraMaster F2-210 2-Bay NAS (save $32)

If you want a budget NAS, there’s no better choice than the F2-210. This 2-bay enclosure has decent hardware and is ideal for use as a Plex media server, and it does a good job backing up data from your connected phones and other devices. You don’t miss out on the basics either; and if you’re just getting started, this is the NAS to buy.

$128 at Amazon

TerraMaster F2-221

TerraMaster F2-221 2-Bay NAS (save $60)

Looking for a bit more power? Then the F2-221 is the way to go. It has faster internal hardware and is particularly well-suited for Plex 4K streaming, and you get dual Gigabit Ethernet connectivity, two USB 3.0 ports, and a host of useful software features.

$199 at Amazon

WD Red

WD Red Plus 4TB NAS HDD (save $51)

This is easily the best NAS hard drive deal you’ll find. The 4TB Red Plus has proven reliability in this category, and it has been designed for 24/7 use. It spins at 5400RPM, includes software that accounts for vibration resistance and heat within an enclosure, and is backed by WD’s three-year warranty.

$69 at Newegg

Toshiba N300 8TB NAS Hard Drive

Toshiba N300 8TB NAS Hard Drive (save $42)

If you want more storage, look no further than this drive. The N300 series is aimed at enthusiast users, and it comes with a 180TB/year endurance, three-year warranty, and works just fine in enclosures designed to run 24/7.

$160 at Newegg

Western Digital Red SA500 1TB NAS SSD

Western Digital Red SA500 1TB NAS SSD (save $33)

Don’t want to use a regular hard drive? Then you will love what WD’s Red SA500 series has to offer. This 1TB SSD is designed for use within NAS enclosures, and with writes of 560MB/s, it is outstanding in day-to-day use. If you want a NAS with SSDs for storage, this is the obvious pick.

$110 at Amazon

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