These adorable PopSockets are on sale with up to 20% off

PopSockets are life savers if you’ve got butterfingers like me. If you’re always on your phone, a PopSocket adds grip and prevents fatigue. You can also prevent getting a nasty sore on your pinky from inadvertently resting your phone on it all the time. Before you read that line, you probably didn’t even realize you did the very thing too.

This is why using a phone grip is so essential. PopSocket makes the best grips in the world, with fun designs and swappable tops. With so many amazing deals on Android phones, useful accessories like these are on sale as well. It’s the best time to buy in bulk and maximize your savings.

There’s no end to the number of designs, textures, and colors you can choose. We’ve collected some of the coolest, prettiest, and cutest PopSockets for you right here. With up to 20% off many designs, you can score these snazzy high-quality phone grips on the cheap. If you’re a Star Wars fan, this Baby Yoda-themed PopSocket is a must-have. There’s nothing better than that adorable green face with doe eyes protecting your phone’s integrity.

Popsockets Popgrip Baby Yoda Reco

PopSockets PopGrip – Star Wars | 15% off

Hardcore Baby Yoda fans will tell you that this little guy’s name is Grogu. He’s the cutest green-skinned alien in the Star Wars universe and the best face to have at the back of your phone.

$13 at Amazon

These swappable PopSocket PopGrips are really comfortable to hold. Each grip has a flat top with a design on top, that’s the part you can change and a plastic base at the bottom. The plastic base sticks to your phone with a strong adhesive ring so you don’t need to worry about it falling off.

It’s called a “pop” socket because you can raise and collapse the bottom like a bendy straw. You can pop the entire accessory up and down depending on how much space you require to hold it with. It’s something like a round doorknob that can become longer or shorter.

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