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There are three important things to remember if you’re planning to bring wireless connectivity to a stadium or large venue.

  • It will need careful planning and costing
  • It will need further investment over time
  • It’s absolutely essential

The third consideration outweighs all others.

It’s clearly mission-critical for operations teams to be in contact with each other 24/7 and for security systems to be underpinned by robust, resilient and reliable connectivity infrastructure. The ability to react quickly to security and safety issues has always been table stakes for stadium operators and the quality of operational systems employed to keep visitors and staff safe have become even more important since Covid-19.

We have seen how mobile phones have been used by staff and visitors at stadium entry points to carry the ticket and the health certificate required to gain entry – the reliance on wireless connectivity leading up to and at the point of entry has suddenly taken on a far greater meaning, as it may delay or even stop people gaining entry to the venue if it does not deliver.

In addition, wayfaring and event information like the size of queues and the location of concessions are more effective when they are able to target smartphone-enabled visitors. And, of course, those visitors expect to be able to make calls, send data and stream video whenever they feel like it, regardless of how many other fans are doing the same things at exactly the same time.

Wireless can allow all of this. It can help a venue to protect visitors. It can ensure staff know what’s happening and where they should be. It can improve the effectiveness of a venue’s marketing. It can attract new partners with the promise of broadcasting and connectivity for retail or other businesses operating on-site. And, most importantly, it can keep visitors connected.

But how do you make all of this happen? Wi-Fi, 4G, 5G, DAS? What about two-way radio for staff? Can fast-evolving 4G and 5G standards allow venue owners to consider alternatives to the traditional PMR radio solution used by the operational teams in a venue? How do you manage massive short-term demand during major events? Should you work with the public network or (as is now possible) set up your own private network? How secure is all this going to be?

The good news is that help is at hand. Real Wireless is able to advise on these challenges and on the solutions that best suit your stadium or venue.

Importantly, however, we don’t assume everyone’s needs will be the same as those of a 70,000-seat venue. Yes, we’ve worked successfully on enabling communications for Wembley Stadium and Tottenham Hotspur Football Club, but we tailor solutions to need, not high technology. One size doesn’t fit all. Wireless technology can enable some extraordinary things, but you may not need them all – at least not yet.

Our aim – always – is to help you choose a cost-effective system appropriate for your needs, but also one that can be expanded or enhanced as your needs and wireless technology change. We can plan, price and propose a system we believe will work for you.

A modern venue needs to offer modern services and we firmly believe that high-quality, resilient wireless connectivity really is an essential part of those services.

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