How to create a Meta account for Oculus Quest 2

Since the Quest 2 launched, people have balked at being forced to have a Facebook account to access the new headset or complained when a Facebook ban removed their access to games they owned. Finally, you can remove your Facebook account from the Quest 2, and even if you choose to keep it linked, your Meta account will be your real account moving forward. 

Switching to a Meta account is pretty straightforward, but there are a couple of possible hitches you could run into that may lead to a factory reset. Here’s how to remove your Facebook account from the Quest 2 and switch to a Meta account.

Start by updating your headset

(Image credit: Android Central)

Before you proceed with the steps below, you’ll need to update the Meta OS so that it’s compatible with the new accounts. The company warns that if you have an “out-of-date” Quest, “you may need to factory reset your headset.” 

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