Garmin watches are better than ever; here’s our wishlist for where they go next

In the past year, I’ve reviewed two Garmin Instincts, three Forerunners, one Venu, and one vívomove, while testing a couple of others. I personally love running with my Forerunner 265 (and the 255 and 945 LTE before that), but the others have largely impressed me. Especially how they’ve improved from one generation to the next, and how Garmin isn’t afraid to experiment with new features and designs. 

That being said, Garmin has its flaws and oversights, just like any smartwatch brand. Because I’ve reviewed their products so highly — and because products like an AMOLED Forerunner or an Instinct with a flashlight seemed to be direct responses to fans’ wishes — it makes me want to hold them to a higher standard than other fitness brands that are more iterative.

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