Asus accidentally leaks the Zenfone 10’s price

What you need to know

  • Asus has inadvertently revealed the Zenfone 10’s price ahead of its official launch.
  • The retail price of the phone has been revealed via a website set up by Asus for a blind camera test.
  • According to the website’s fine print, the Zenfone 10 will start at $749 for the base variant.

Asus has accidentally dropped hints about the price of its next-generation flagship phone a few months before its expected release, and the device is likely to be priced at $749 for the base variant.

The price was disclosed via a website that Asus launched for the blind camera test of the Zenfone 10. The website allows anyone to vote on a series of photos, and the results will help refine the Zenfone 10’s shooters in an effort to give many of the best Android camera phones a run for their money. Once the phone is released, three participants will be chosen at random to win a Zenfone 10.

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