Hands-on with the Satechi 200W USB-C GaN charger in all of its hexa-ported glory

High-quality chargers and power solutions usually come from brands like Anker, UGREEN, and Baseus. While these companies rule this kingdom, that doesn’t take away from the greatness of the competition much. If you’re in the market for a reliable USB-C charger, Satechi is a trustworthy name.

Chargers come in all shapes and sizes. What’s most important about them is how much power they can push out and how many ports they’ve got. Satechi’s latest USB Type-C charger is a six-ported goliath with attractive curves. UGREEN also offers a GaN charging station with six ports in the form of the UGREEN Nexode 200W. What’s different about that, of course, is that the Nexode 200W charger has four USB-C and two USB-A ports.

That’s right, the Satechi 200W USB-C GaN charger has six Type-C ports which is pretty unusual. I tested this mighty charger for a couple of months and I have some thoughts. They’re positive for the most part, with a few minor qualms.

Satechi 200W 6-port USB-C GaN charger

(Image credit: Namerah Saud Fatmi / Android Central)

For starters, anyone would feel afraid when they heard the words “two hundred watts” associated with a multi-device charging hub.

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