Spotify’s long-awaited HiFi tier with lossless audio may come soon

What you need to know

  • A Redditor dove into Spotify’s code and discovered new evidence about its HiFi tier which could cost $20 a month.
  • The tier would feature CD-like lossless audio quality, AI software for playlists, and mixing tools.
  • Spotify announced its HiFi tier was still on the way despite it facing a disheartening delay after it was originally announced in 2021.

A once long-lost Spotify tier has apparently shown itself again, signaling its arrival could actually happen.

Hypixely posted on the Spotify sub-Reddit evidence that the company is likely working on rolling out its new “Supremium” HiFi streaming tier (via The Verge). According to their findings, the “more expensive” tier is referred to as “Nemo” internally and could cost consumers $19.99 when it finally debuts.

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